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"Keep your finger on the pulse of the classical arts scene with Organiste.net. Join our community of arts enthusiasts and stay on top of What's Happening in South Florida, New York, and more. Organiste will notify you of events coming up that match your interests.

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The mission of Organiste, LLC is to heighten awareness of the classical music and arts community by providing the resources for groups and artists to create their own publicity and advertising campaigns. Visit http://www.organiste.net/Arts-Marketing-Services for more information.

Organiste began in 2001 as a calendar/email notification service for members of the Southeast Florida classical arts community of organists/directors. Members of the community quickly pooled forces and information to effectively present events and information and reach the South Florida audience. Organiste grew as a cooperative effort  to include several lists of subscribers profiled by geographical areas, arts preferences, and audience taste. Subscribers choose from these lists to receive information according to their preferred geographical area and taste. Event notifications/dedicated eblasts are sent to the lists appropriate to an event, thus matching interested subscribers to each event.  Organiste now reaches the classical arts and pipe organ communities throughout the U.S. and the world.

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What people say about Organiste.net

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"Thanks so much. look forward to your extensive coverage again. It increased our ticket sales and emailing list very nicely. Looking forward to another successful season."
JO 10/27/2016

"Yes, we sold out both performances. We are very happy. I’m sure your website helped us reach this goal. Thanks."
JO 12/20/2015

"Thanks for all you guys do. The constant update of information is really a lifeline."
LI 5/14/15

"What a marvelous service to the artistic community!"
CS 4/30/15

"Everyone has been so impressed by all the information and pr you have sent out. Thank you so much!"
PA 4/18/15

"Good Morning! Who runs this site????.....it is wonderful!!! If more places had webpages like this there would be more folks at concerts. peace....charlie"
MDF 2/11/11

"I'd like to thank you again for all you did to fit us in at the last minute. I want you to know that it paid off: we had a full house and a happy one!"
MDF 12/15/09

"Thanks to Organiste.net we have been attending at least one concert per week since we learned about the site last month."
RA 12/6/08

"I just want to say thank you for the fantastic service you provide here. Informative and very much appreciated."
RM 1/23/09

"Thank you so very much for listing our organist/director opening on Organiste. Due to this listing, we have hired an organist from Maryland who is in the process of moving down to South Florida. Please remove our ad, and thank you so much!!!"
JC 1/7/10

"We have filled our piano position. Thank you so much for the ad. I had a multitude of inquiries from your service".
AM 6/4/10

"Just wanted to thank you for spreading the word. The Fla. Youth Orch. took the violin, and it will be put to good use. Thanks again for all that you do."
JN 9/25/10

"Your service is very useful and effective and we are using it as our primary source of information on the cultural events in Miami."
TS 12/11/11

"Organiste gets much of the credit for my annual sellout and the press releases you sent out provided me with several extremely significant interviews and promotional articles in the press."
AM 01/05/12

"You do a wonderful thing here for Churches and for the singers. Congratulations on your web-site. You should feel most proud."
MB 1/19/12

"thanks to the excellent readership of your site the positions have been filled. It should be gratifying to you to know that I received several inquiries in relatively short time indicating that musicians of all walks of life are looking at your site! You provide us such a valuable service that it's hard to imagine what we did before Organiste was around!"
PP 2/6/2011