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Stefano Mhanna
Stefano Mhanna, violinist, violist, pianist, organist, composer

Stefano Mhanna, A musician of international fame, Stefano Mhanna was born in Rome on the 11th of July 1995. Winner of 5 national competitions and two international competitions, he started attending the Saint Cecilia Conservatory in Rome when he was seven years old and he graduated in violin on the 10th July 2007 with full marks and special mentions. There are no other cases in the long history of the celebrated Roman Conservatories that a student so young managed to complete his studies in such a short time with such high marks. In 2012, he graduated in viola, piano and organ and organistic composition performing in concert also with these instruments. He holds a post-diploma tirocionio didattico biennale always at Saint Cecilia Conservatory in Rome, it numbers amongst the various prizes and the prize of the Via Vittoria of Rome, and the Rotary prize for the strings section. At only ten years old he had great success for the performance of Tchaikovskys Concerto in D Major opus 35, with the orchestra of the conservatory of Saint Cecilia of Rome, Directed by Maestro Ernesto Gordini; for this he gained important recognition from the SIAE.He appears and plays in various TV shows and news programs on the RAI network (Uno Mattina / In Famiglia / Ieri, Oggi e Domani / Telegiornali di Rai 1, 2 e 3, ecc.), Mediaset (Maurizio Costanzo), and other private TV networks. He has been spoken about in various dailies and also in specialist newspapers such as Viva Verdi and Suonare news. He collaborates as a soloist with several orchestras within Italy and also abroad, for example The philharmonic orchestras of Turin, the philharmonic orchestras of Bacau conducted by Ovidiu Balan, the Great Orchestra of Rachmaninov; conducted by Nicolai Rogotnev, the Orchestra Filarmonia Veneta, the Kiev chamber orchestra etc. He plays in the Academy of Tirana in Albania and in the Auditorium Parco della Musica of Rome. He plays in various theatres such as il Teatro Argentina di Roma, il Gran Teatro di Tor di Quinto in Roma, il Teatro Regio di Torino, il Teatro della Filarmonica di Trento, Il Teatro Piccinni di Bari etc.. Worth mentioning amongst his various concerts is that at Casa Barezzi, Museo Giuseppe Verdi (Busseto). He has a repertoire of around 40 concerts with an orchestra, over 50 Sonatas and pieces for the piano and numerous compositions for the solo violin but to speak of his repertoire is superfluous for him given the capacity and speed with which he approaches any type of score. They say that the naturalness with which he expresses his musical essence reveals a personality that releases a continual flow of multiple emotions in those who listen to him, and that he seems to fuse himself with the music he plays without ever becoming isolated from the world around him but rather transmitting to the listeners the deep pleasure he finds in playing the various interpretations of the pieces in the programme. Renowned also as perstigious organist in settlements and globally recognized and appreciated by many great masters and organ concert players, his concerts often run strictly from memory and with a mastery of technique and interpretation of high level, most of the time on organs particularly prestigious, as Olgiati, Callido, Rieger, Tamburini, Mascioni, Zanin and others. In his training it is important to remember Domenico Morgante and Jiri Lecian. His organ repertoire ranges from old music to the one of the late romantic era with special attention to Baroque and Bach

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